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Shenzhen Century M&E Co., Ltd. established in November 2000, focus on supply anti-static plates, plastic plates and Cox Applicators to customers, with the industry's leading manufacturers from South Korea, the United Kingdom, Japan have established a good relationship, become their distributor in China.


◇Antistatic Acrylic Plates
◇Antistatic PVC Plates
◇Antistatic PC Plates
◇Conductive/Antistatic Nylon Plates/ Rods

◇PC Plates(Polycarbonate Plates)
◇PVC Plates(High heat resistant Plate,Anti-static Plate,Mormal Plate)
COX Applicator (Origin ENGLAND)

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Antistatic Acrylic Plate
Antistatic function 10E6~8 ohm / SQ
Excellent scratch & outstanding weather resistance...
Antistatic PVC Plate
Superb chemical resistance,
Antistatic function 10E6~8 ohm / SQ
Outstanding impact...
Antistatic PC Plate
Superior resistance to charge generation
Excellent impact resistance,
Antistatic function...
Cox Applicators
Cox is the world's largest, most progressive and successful manufacturer of hand-held sealant...
Antistatic Nylon Plates
Excellent corrosion resistance, light weight & easy fabrication...
High Glossy surface High Transparency
Excellent Physical property balancing (Tensile strength, ...
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